Service / Membership

Welcome to Alpha Phi Omega- Mu Zeta!

As you may not know already, we are a Co-Ed national SERVICE Fraternity. Meaning, we are a service based organization.

Our range of service incorporates the 4 C‘s of our Fraternity which is to serve our Chapter, to serve our Community, to serve our Country, and to serve our Campus. Many service projects that we do revolve around the 4 C‘s. There are some projects that we do that also reaches out on an international level!

Alpha Phi Omega participates in projects such as; feeding the homeless, sorting out food to be distributed to the sick and needy, donate blood, put on talent shows for the elderly and children in hospitals, environmental work to help preserve our rich land, participate in fundraiser walks, help care for endangered animals, lending a hand in disaster crisis matters, participate in campus activities, and many others just to name a few. The work that we do is richly diverse. Everyone will find a project that best suits their interest in serving our community. The Fraternity is very welcoming of new projects, as well as, continuing to be involved in projects that are traditional to the chapter. Many service projects that we do are located throughout the SF Bay Area which allows us to travel and to meet new people from all over. We have a variety of service projects every week throughout the course of each semester to choose from.

Alpha Phi Omega’s service program is very enriching in the sense that the projects that we do touches the hearts and lives of many people out there including our own. We strive to make this world a better place just by giving some of our time and energy to those who may be less fortunate. What we give to the community is a feeling of fulfillment in return.

Alpha Phi Omega believes that building leadership is through service. With the many projects that each member is involved in, he or she will take on a leadership role to change our community for the better.

Why do service with Alpha Phi Omega? Not like other organizations, we do our service projects together as a family. Every member is never alone at a project. We work together as a team to work towards one common goal in mind…to make a life long positive change for the betterment of mankind and mother Earth. Participating in projects together as one, helps grow the friendships with each other which makes doing projects more enjoyable, fulfilling, and successful.

Some projects and organizations that we have volunteered for:

  • Glide Memorial Church
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • American Cancer Society-Relay for Life
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Academy of Friends
  • International Children’s Games
  • Friends of the Urban Forest
  • Breast Cancer Walks
    …and many more!!!!

An annual project that our chapter has been hosting the past 11 years is Multi Cultural Aids Awareness Day located on the SFSU campus which brings out many performers, speakers, health educators and students. This is one event not worth missing!! This event is held every year in April. Exact date TBA.

Because all people have the potential to be of service and to be leaders and friends, Active Membership in Alpha Phi Omega is open to all students and should represent a cross section of the student body. Whether you’re male or female, Pre-Nursing or a Sociology major, everyone has the capacity to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Alpha Phi Omega allows its members to strive towards becoming better individuals, and gives students the opportunity to engage in a more well-rounded college experience. Any further questions or comments regarding our membership program, please contact us at:

If you have what it takes to be a hero with us, please consider joining Alpha Phi Omega. Any further questions or comments regarding our service program, please contact us at: